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2013 June

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Download ||| Watch World War Z Online Free
06.18.13 (4:47 am)   [edit]


If you were a fan of the definitive and well-written book on zombies, World War Z, then you will find that the blockbuster film, starring Brad Pitt, bears almost no resemblance to the novel apart from the catchy title.

Watch World War Z Online If you are a fan of taut, fast-paced action however, then there’s a lot to enjoy with this film. From the opening outbreak to a sweat-inducing, white-knuckled ride during a terrifying outbreak on an airplane mid air - the film barely pauses for a breath.

Brad Pitt stars as a retired UN Official called in when a zombie outbreak spreads rapidly around the world. Pitt’s character, Gerry, is flown to Korea to trace the source of the outbreak where he then follows it to Israel, where the people have seemingly kept the zombies at bay. This results in another massive scale action scene – full of chaos and handheld camera shots.

Watch World War Z Online Free  Pitt’s character remains level-headed throughout the story, observing closely, thinking fast and making smart decisions (which is nice to see in a horror film). Scenes of him taping magazines around his arms as bite deflectors was a nice touch of realism.

If you are a fan of the horror genre, you won’t find much gore in WWZ. Due to its PG rating, the film remains fairly bloodless – with the attacking ‘Zekes’ more interested in biting and spreading the infection, than greedily chomping down on limbs and entrails.

Watch World War Z Movie The task of reinventing Max Brooks’ magnificent novel – which is written as a series of testimonies from survivors across the globe – was always going to be a near impossibility.

Watch World War Z Movie Online The book sees a number of inspiring characters recounting their stories, each exceptional and offering a different slant on how they were affected. And while the film – directed by Marc Forster doesn’t reach the scope of the novel, it moves at a breakneck pace, providing thrills on a massive scale, lots of scares and a good supporting cast including the white-eyed zombies.

Watch World War Z Online Advanced word said World War Z – based on Max Brooks’s book about a worldwide zombie apocalypse – was the walking dead. It was over-long, over-budget. It needed several rewrites and seven weeks of reshoots to make any sense. This was the giant zombie turkey, come screeching from the shadows to tear the careers of director Marc Forster and producer/star Brad Pitt to shreds.

Yet, while some of World War Z is rotten, the whole stands as a punchy, if conventional action thriller. Pitt plays Gerry Lane, a UN inspector chosen to investigate the source of a viral outbreak that has quickly, mercilessly zombified 3 billion people. His search for Patient Zero will take him from New York to South Korea to Jerusalem (you can see how the budget clocked up) to – finally – Wales, the little country that could in the war against the undead. It’s a bleak, serious travelogue of humanity on the turn. Zero Dark Thirty for z-heads.

Watch World War Z Online Free Romero loyalists may want to look away. WWZ’s zombies (or “Zekes” as the military have it) are super fast and super strong. They’ll have your jugular agape in a jiffy (bloodlessly mind – the film has been edited to catch a PG13 in the US – a decision that slips from odd to loopy to farcical as the devastation ramps up). At the sight of live flesh, Zeke’ll swarm and flow like ants from a bust nest. Forster – marshalling his first big shoot since the Quantum of Solace kerfuffle – has a great time shooting mass panic. The bigger set pieces – the storming of Jerusalem via a giant zombie pile-on for example – are of the Roland Emmerich school of crowd dynamics. The more screaming, the more stampeding, the better.

Watch World War Z Movie It’s only when the zombies’ groans stop that yours are likely to start. World War Z’s slow sections are draggy and predictable. Gerry’s relationship with his family (ensconced on a navy cruiser off the coast of Washington) is a paltry scrap of emote-a-bait. His relationships with other survivors – an attempt to introduce a Walking Dead-style sense of fragility perhaps – are hampered by their tendency to get eaten a beat or two after we meet them. Brad Pitt, who accumulates a wacky homemade armour of magazines and gaffer tape, is slowly unveiled as Jesus among the chompable. The saviour of those who’ll tumble under a bite or two.

Watch World War Z Movie Online The final third (the section that was rewritten by Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof) sees the film skid from goreless actioner to teeny-bopper horror, with Gerry and the gang creeping around a World Health Organisation lab that may hold the secret to humanity’s salvation. It’s out of kilter with the rest of the film, but it at least gives us time with the zombies face-to-face. Until then they’ve been a blur – a brainless, check-less mass of rage. Up close they are – as with most iterations of their kind – clumsy and rather tragic.

Watch World War Z Online World War Z is not a brilliant addition to the zombie lore. But it’s also not the shuffling mess it was rumoured to be. It’s an attempt at large-scale seriousness in a genre that’s frequently preposterous. It stumbles along on that intention. An early scene has Gerry holed-up in an apartment, pleading with his fellow survivors to make a run for it, despite the horde scrabbling at the door. “Movement is life,” he says. “Movement is life.” The humans don’t listen: they pay the price. But Forster – intent on drowning out the doubters with cacophonous destruction – is all about speed and spectacle. He, at least, has taken Gerry’s motto to heart.

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